Living in the countryside.

Children are at the heart of our business. Since we have three of our own, we are well aware of the importance of good facilities for the youngest travellers while on holidays. Furthermore, growing in nature is one of the most special gifts a child can receive. Our wish is to share this amazing world of bugs and plants with our youngest guests..

A scuola immersi nel verde

Activities - Fun Lessons in Nature

Besides exploring the farm on your own, besides watching the insects one can find anywhere, besides jumping over the hay bales children can also take part in short guided field trips during the coolest moments of the day. Together we can discover different trees in the woods, we can learn how to recognize various plants, we try to do some bird-watching or maybe watch the deer play in the fields at dusk. Among the educational activities, a short lesson on the world of bees is the most attractive one: we visit the beehives and, depending on the season, we can watch the honey extraction. For the older and more patient children, a short “truffle hunt” can be extremely entertaining. If you wish to organize a school-trip at our farm, please contact us at: raffaele[at]

Cooking Class - Learn How to Cook Your Own Meal

Cooking may prove to be more useful than one can actually imagine. In the current world of fast and pre-processed food, being able to cook simple, healthy and tasty dishes with raw ingredients (preferably seasonal ones) is equivalent to saving lives over time. Children who learn how to cook and appreciate home made food will be healthier in the future. We have always offered to interested children and adults to take part, for free, in part of the cooking of the Tuscan meal we serve once per week upon request: learning how to do the “home made pasta”, a second dish or a cake. For families or schools interested in a proper cooking class, we can organize a half a day experience tailored to your interests. Please contact us at: raffaele[at]

Corsi di cucina per bambini