Nature's Gifts.

Having a history of about one hundred years behind it, the Poggio alle Ville is above all a farm which in 1999 opened the old rustic houses for tourists from all over the world. The little hamlet is surrounded by about 30 hectares/ 74.10 acres of agricultural fields, olive orchards, truffle groves and beautiful forests. Our main products are the extra virgin olive oil, honey, fruit and marmalade made by ourselves and truffles – all of them organic products as validated by the certificate we successfully got in 2013.

Olio extravergine di Oliva Toscano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Marvelous golden drops

The extra virgin olive oil, or “the green gold” as it is called, is “the king” of our products. We have about 2,000 olive trees, part our property and part tenancy, most of which are more than a hundred year old and all of them are treated with careful pruning. We are “small producers” and our commitment consists of improving the quality of the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first cold pressing in a certified olive-press. Recently we have developed the program “Adopt an Olive Tree”, aimed at involving more people in organic farming. For those interested, this program means taking part in the olive harvesting and crushing, getting two newsletters per year with specific information, receiving three 500 ml olive oil bottles of our organic extra virgin oil, a jar of marmalade and one of honey (different flavours according to season availability). “Your” olive tree will have a little plate with your name hanging on one of its branches for a whole year. For further details and prices please, contact us at raffaele[at]

Marmelades and Honey - For a sweet and healthy breakfast

Our marmalade is made exclusively of different kind of fruit picked up from our fruit trees. Thus, our production depends very much on the weather. At the same time, we vouch for the quality and genuineness of our products. Just for your information, we can supply marmalades made of plums, figs, bitter oranges, peaches. Honey, the real yellow gold, is the most exquisite of our products. The world of bees is fascinating due to their working power and to the organizational hierarchy these insects powerfully establish in their hive. Unfortunately they are extremely sensitive and, during the last years, their life has been put in jeopardy by a mortal disease. Bees are much affected by low temperature and a rainy and cooler summer may lead to a limited quantity of honey. Usually our honey is organic honey of acacia, chestnut and polyfloral.


Truffles - A hidden treasure

The truffle is somehow a mysterious mushroom: to be able to see, smell and, finally, taste it, you have to muster all your patience and faith and start on a special hunting trip for this precious gift of nature. It is a real chase for a hidden treasure which man cannot carry out by himself. In the Medicis’ time they used boars that, due to their fine sense of smell, could discover the place where these so-called aphrodisiac tubers were growing underground. Nowadays, we use dogs, the most faithful and practised, which help their masters in this strenuous endeavour. The “truffle chase” is a unique trip: man entrusts himself completely to his dog-companion in order to be able to put the precious fruit of the earth on his plate. If you want to take part in such an interesting experience write to us to: raffaele[at]